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We are accepting articles and photos of failure cases from members. Selected articles and photos will be published by ASF.

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14th ASF Forum in Osaka, Japan

Jan. 17, 2004 - 14th ASF Forum in Osaka, Japan. Dr. Kenji iino, a vice chair of the association hosted the gathering. Participants to the meeting included; The gathering started with iino's presentation about the ASF status and how the MOT (Technology Leader Training Program just completed at Kogakuin Univ.) educational program that ASF developed will transfer to SYDROSE LP.

After a short break, the participants introduced themselves to the meeting. Ichiro Kida from the Akashi Municipal Government is involved in crisis management, Yoshitaka Hanaki from Sobo Hananoki is looking for easier description of the Study of Failure for everyone to understand, Masanobu Hiramatsu from Mitsui Chemical wants the ASF HP to provide an overview of the Study of Failure, Shigeru Honda from ITC-lab kindly provided the conference room for the gathering, he escaped from the class he was teaching at the time but had to go back, Hiroshi Takamatsu from Kansai Electric heads the research efforts that look into the mechanism of corrosion, Akio Nakanishi from Fukui Municipal Government, a retired police leutenant says he was offered his current job to counter the rumor about mob activities to start in the Fukui area. Other participants included; Yasutomo Chaki from Sumitoko Construction Metal. Hisashi Saeki from Kawasaki Heavy Industry, Hiroyuki Deguchi from Kanegafuchi Chemical, Nobuya Tateishi from Sharp Semiconductor, Akira Mita, and Masaru Toyotaka from Matsushita Denko.

The discussion then moved on the organizing a Summer Conference in Osaka. Iino also suggested running a virtual library which has no base location and circulates the books among the ASF members.

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