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We are accepting articles and photos of failure cases from members. Selected articles and photos will be published by ASF.

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Mission of NPO Shippai Gakkai
"Association for the Study of Failure."

NPO Shippai Gakkai, is a Non-profit organization with the English name "Association for the Study of Failure." The Tokyo prefecture government has accepted its application and the association will be established in November, 2002.

Its purpose is stated as follows:
The human act of production is always accompanied with accidents and failures. These events include tedious ones to those that lead to economic loss, injury, or even large catastrophic ones that include even death. The Study of Failure identifies the cause of these accidents and failures, it further offers ways to prevent such accidents and failures that cause economic loss and fatality.

The NPO, Association for the Study of Failure conducts business to identify causes of and prevent failures for the general public, and brings benefit to the society. For these purposes, it conducts the following non-profitable activities for the promotion of social education.

The non-profit business activities include:
1. Identifying the cause of failures, accidents, and disasters that cause loss to the society,
  corporations, and individuals.
2. Developing methods to prevent such failures, accidents, and disasters.
3. Reforming the awareness of people about failure by spreading how to think about and recognize
  failure, and how to turn failure experience into knowledge at the society, corporation
  and individual levels.
4. Educating the general public about the above methods.
5. Organizing conferences for reporting research results.
6. Sales of publication including journals about the "Study of Failure."
7. Providing consultation about "Failure" to the society, corporation, and individual levels.

For information, contact, SYDROSE LP (, 408.298.0785)

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