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Fukushima Accident Summary 1

        3.11. This is another day that will be long remembered by the Japanese and also by many parts of the world.
       The Tohoku Pacific earthquake hit approximately 80 miles east of north eastern Japan shoreline at 14:46 this day. Its magnitude measured 9.0 and a series of tsunami waves of 14 to 15 meters hit the land and devastated Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant 1 where units 1 through 6 are located.

       Amidst the chaotic flow of information and the lack of it, a former engineer who worked for Toshiba and took part in designing the plant stood up and started to run a series of MEMOs to explain what is going on and what is likely to be happening. It later turns out that his information saved a lot of pounding hearts by offering a sense of relief to the public.

       In response to strong requests from the international community, here is a summary version of "what happened at Fukushima Unit 1" (June 26).
Reports of Unit 2 (July 3), 3 (July 17), and 4 (Aug. 2) followed.

       With additional notes for Unit 5 and 6, we completed a Technical Report that covers the accidents at Fukushima Nuclear Power Station 1 from evidence known up to the point of August 19th. Free copies will be delivered during the upcoming 2011 ASME IDETC/CIE Conference in Washington DC. If you would like to secure a copy, please send a note to before August 26th.
Dr. Kenji Iino

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The opinion and statements in these memos are made by Mr. Ritsuo Yoshioka, and they do not necessary reflect the opinion by the Association for the Study of Failure.

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