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The Design Challenge 2016 Results

        The Association for the Study of Failre (ASF) conducted "The Design Challenge 2016" on December 17, during its 15th Winter Annual Meeting (WAM). The event brought together posters made by students at the 3 graduate schools of Kyushu Institute of Technology (Kyutech), Sophia University and the University of Tokyo (UTokyo). Association members that attended the creative design seminar during the ASF Forum also took part in the competition. The participants, during their courses, formed teams of 2 to 6 members to identify a design challenge, define a creative solution to the problem and put their proposals on posters. There were 4 teams from Kyutech, also 4 teams from Sophia and 7 teams from UTokyo. The association had 4 teams, 2 from Osaka and 2 from Tokyo take part.
        Each WAM attendant was given three votes for the posters they like. They could place all three on one poster or spread the votes over 2 to three posters. The 19 teams split the close to 200 votes from the WAM attendants. This article shows the results.

ASF, Special Interest Group in Organizational Behavior (SIGGROUP)
ASF, Special Interest Group in Osaka (SIGOSAKA)
Kenji Iino
Anonymous individual

Clicking on the images opens an A4 size poster under a new tab.


1 pl. Kyutech "Dry the Umbrella" (13 votes)
2 pl. UTokyo
"Multi-function Sealing Bag"
(11 votes)
3 pl. Kyutech
"Eraser dust collecting table" (9 votes)
4 pl. UTokyo
"The Force Helmet"(7 votes)
4 pl. UTokyo
"The Transformer Shoes"(7 votes)

6 pl. UTokyo

7 pl. Sophia
"Auto messaging mail box"

8 pl. Sophia
"Batting dome"
9 pl.

"Easy book finder"


"Heating paper cup holder"

"Remote Attendance System"

13 pl. Kyutech
"Go to your destination"

13 pl. UTokyo
"Rain Rider Suit"

15 pl. UTokyo
"Super Coin Deposit Card"


1 pl. Tokyo Forum, "BST Project" (25 votes)

2 pl. Osaka Forum
"You may forget your lunch box but don't forget your card" (22 votes)

3 pl. Osaka Forum
"Smart phone controlled Seats" (19 votes)

4 pl. Tokyo Forum
"No accident intersection"

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