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We are accepting articles and photos of failure cases from members. Selected articles and photos will be published by ASF.

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The NPO, Association for the Study of Failure offers methodologies to prevent accidents or failures that may lead to economic loss or threaten human lives, by conducting activities including education, organizing conferences, consultation, and broadcasting information through the INTERNET for citizens, corporations, administration and educational institutes.

Batteries, AC truck, and waterpump
(up 7/15/15)

The Design Challenge 2016
(up 4/15/17)
Was it predictable
and avoidable?

(up 2/20/16)

Learning from Failure
by Yotaro Hatamura

... there are "known unknowns," and then there are "unknown unknowns." Some things are actually quite hard to fix because the systems behind them are intricate, complicated and created by humans.

- - - Andrew Sullivan, TIME, Dec 29, 03 - Jan 5, 04

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